Relaxe & awake in the here and now

Being aware is to be fully and wholly present with that which we are currently feeling and doing. It means being in contact with ourselves. Mindfulness is a state in which we are completely awake and aware. We are not thinking about the past or the future, but instead remain in the present moment, the here and now.

What can this help me achieve?

  • A more conscious perception of myself and the world
  • To learn to enjoy the moment
  • To find my own center amidst the everyday chaos
  • To remain clear and calm during stressful situations
  • To deeply relax in mind and body
  • To cope with my thoughts and feelings better
  • To become calmer, more focused and more satisfied

What can I expect to learn in the training?

  • The principles of mindfulness
  • Various perception/cognition exercises
  • Guided reflection
  • Meditation
  • How can I integrate mindfulness into my daily life?
  • Compassion

Mindfulness is a source of energy that we can create for ourselves. When we practice mindfulness, this seed grows and becomes strong. Everyone is capable of doing so, they just require practice. This is to say, we need to water the seed within ourselves.

Mindfulness lives from the magic of the lived moment and from the patient path that leads from moment to moment. On this path we get to know ourselves better and better, and we become increasingly more open for interactions with ourselves and with others in the awareness of our commonality.