Compassion has become the mainstay of my life. It is my utmost concern that I bring empathy into the world. Why? True strength originates from the love and compassion that makes up our very humanity. Without both of these humane qualities our species would not have been able to persist and thrive. Maybe certain personal experiences have hardened us and forced us to repress our feelings or have led our bodies to suffer painful symptoms. In spite of this, we hold the power to change our lives. In order to do this, we require awareness. We all carry the necessary wisdom within, but it is very often muddled and deeply buried. I would love to provide you with a better understanding of the practice of mindfulness and meditation, which gives us access to our true nature. Mindful self-compassion, a course very close to my heart, is a gift to yourself that is not only beneficial but one which enables a new inner freedom. With Somatic Experiencing, a body-oriented approach to trauma work, I have encountered a wonderful method for helping people work through traumatic experiences.

In life we are unable to avoid pain and we have no control over the external world. We are able, however, to influence our thoughts and our behavior. We must learn to see into things more deeply and develop real understanding, and upon doing so we are able to recognize that we are the true architects of our own lives.

I would like to move others, so that they can move towards their true selves and actively steer their own lives. We are part of the total framework of humanity and are interdependent. When a wheel moves, nothing remains as it was. As a caregiver I play a role in shaping this interrelation and strive to strengthen awareness for all of us on this planet. I would like to create trust, contribute to an opening of the heart, strengthen connections and inspire people to positive change; I would simply like to be a guide for the soul.

Grief and transience are unavoidable parts of our being. You can find more information here:
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