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DI(FH) Christine Brandl, Bed 

The best teacher in life is life itself.

I am a mother of three, which has decisively shaped my career and personal development. I adapted many of my professional positions to my motherhood, and in doing so took several detours on the path of self-discovery. I studied precision-, system- and information science and worked as an educator. In the end I have followed my heart and now devote myself full-time as a life- and social counsellor, mindfulness and meditation instructor in matters which people have graciously entrusted to me. Enriched by my education and personal experiences I have come to understand that although our stories are completely different, our hearts are not. Sometimes we are required to dive under into great depths in order to discover the invaluable treasures of love and compassion.

Over the course of my life, I discovered meditation as a powerful inner resource for strength. The most wonderful and deeply touching experiences and insights come to us from being itself. Zen had a decisive impact on my path, because it not only made my heart more open, but gave me more inner strength, courage and determination. “On the path” I am now following the deepest aspirations of my heart and with each step forward I leave the path behind me.

Training as assistant teacher of the Mishoan Zen Centre by Dr. Fleur Sakura Wöss.

DI Hannes Brandl

After many years in business-, management-, and IT-consultancy, I am increasingly active in the areas of social business, social entrepreneurship, impact management, mindfulness and meditation.

I am passionate about consulting purpose- and impact-oriented organizations and projects. I support people and organizations with frameworks, systems and tools in order to solve complex problems and enable universal impact. As a networker convener I enjoy bringing people together and enabling them to develop synergetic and collaborative solutions (please see youareprior.com).

Regular Zen meditation has become an essential part of my life. It provides me with strength, clarity and calm in my professional and private endeavors.

Training as assistant teacher of the Mishoan Zen Centre by Dr. Fleur Sakura Wöss.